Transportation: With TABR being 100% volunteer based, all of the foster dogs are in foster homes around the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area. With typically 30-50 dogs in rescue at a time, volunteers being available to help transport dogs around the city during the week days and weekends is a huge help! Our dogs get weekday appointments at the vet and we often need those able to transport during the week day, between the hours of 9-5p. In these situations, you would pick up a dog from their foster home, take them to our vet in Shawnee, OK or Oklahoma City, and then return the dog to their foster home.

We also have transportation opportunities on the evenings or weekends. In receiving owner and breeder surrenders, or volunteers pick up dogs all over the state of Oklahoma. We also have volunteers that can make the drive to surrounding states like Texas, Kansas, or Arkansas to pick up dogs from certain situations.

Events: We attend multiple events a year, both in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  Meet and Greets and rescue events allow the public to meet our foster dogs, play with them, learn their personalities, and possibly learn how to get involved in the rescue.  For a successful event, there should be several dogs at each event.  With many of our foster parents working full time jobs, they are not always available to be there. We have volunteers that come to events and will help manage the dogs at the event and help get them to an event to meet potential adopters. We also typically sell items or have raffles so having volunteers able to help at these events is ideal.   

Fundraising: With the average vet bill for a TABR dog being $1,000, the rescue relies heavily on donations and supporters to remain running and assisting these bulldogs in need. Monetary donations to TABR go directly to the vet bills for the 40-50 bulldogs in rescue at a given time. TABR is made up 100% of volunteers and fosters who run the rescue in their free time after work and on weekends so all donations go directly to the dogs’ benefit. TABR is always looking at fundraising opportunities around the area to receive monetary donations or the donations of supplies to help the bulldogs. If you are not able to foster or welcome a new dog into your home but have consistent free time to take on new projects to support the bulldogs, we always need assistance in those areas. Those that are creative and willing to jump in and take control of projects would be very helpful!