Status: Available
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Reason given up for adoption: Breeder Surrender
Temperament: Great
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: None
Special Needs: No


My name is Boston. My best features are my kankles and my face. I love making new friends. Social settings don’t make me uncomfortable at all! I fit right in the social circle at my foster families house. I sometimes have a little bit of a hard time seeing, so I’m still getting used to the set up at the house. I may or may not have run into the wall a few times already. I just laugh it off. Thankfully the bully vet got me an entropion surgery to help with my eye sight. I’ve got a lot of good things going for me. My nick name around the house is good boy. I’m five years old so I know myself pretty well. I know how to go outside to potty and be calm in the house. I do need a few reminders at first about marking but I promise, I’m getting it! I’m a bully so naturally snuggle time with my person is my favorite time. Spread the word that Boston is single and ready to mingle!