Status: Available
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Reason given up for adoption: Owner Surrender
Temperament: Great
Health Condition: Great
Placement Limitations: None
Special Needs: No


Brody is my name and stealing hearts is my game! My foster family likes to call me a baby but last time I checked, teasing was not nice. I’m NOT a big baby. Besides, since when is cuddling and wanting constant snuggles a crime? I do have a trait that some might call ‘annoying.’ – I am a toy destroyer. I just love them a little too much. But there are worse things, in my opinion. I may or may not have stolen all my foster siblings Christmas toys and pulled out all the stuffing. I can’t help it, it’s a condition. Anyways, I do also love meeting new friends and playing with my little foster hoomans. I pride myself on being pretty easy going. It’s the other guys that sometimes don’t like me getting in their personal bubble. I’m just a puppy so I am very playful and active. I’ve always heard that beggars can’t be choosers (guilty as charged at begging), but I’m very active and would be especially happy in a home that is willing to take me on walks and adventures. I am a happy, healthy bully who is ready to meet my furever family! Bring them on!