Status: Available Soon
Age: Born 2/28/21
Gender: Female
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Reason given up for adoption: Breeder Surrender
Temperament: Great
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: None
Special Needs: Hydrocephalus


I may be small but I sure am feisty! I came into rescue as a breeder surrender with hydrocephalus. For those of you that don’t know a lot about Hydro puppies, I’ll explain a little. Hydrocephalus in dogs is where there is an excess of cerebrospinal fluid that has leaked inside the dog’s skull. This causes brain swelling and is often referred to as water on the brain. Increased pressure in the skull will press on the brain tissues and can cause neurological issues. Luckily TABR got me from the breeder when I was only about three weeks old so their vet has helped treat me from the beginning. Treating hydrocephalus early is imperative to limit long term effects. I have not had a lot of significant symptoms. However my fosters do you believe I am blind in one of my eyes. My foster family would be more than happy to talk to anyone in more detail about everything they’ve noticed and my health. Right now I’m just hoping I can find my forever family and someone interested in helping me be all that I can be. I get around just fine and love playing with other dogs. I adore toys like any puppy does and like tearing up blankies or toys just for fun! I’m only about 6 pounds right now so I’m small and mighty!