Ed came to my home as a foster. I was told he was up for adoption but most likely due to his age he would probably be a hospice foster. He came to stay with Fat Leo (TABR alumni) and I when Vanessa dropped him off. He came with very specific instructions about how he loved his fan and his donut. I knew then he was a special guy. He came in and after some extreme sniffing between Leo and him I could tell they were going to work out. He fit right into my home, almost too well. Immediately Leo and he became friends. Fast forward about a week Stevie Easter called and said she had a family that wanted to meet Ed.

I knew I had to act fast…..I immediately told her he was doing back flips off of the couch and probably wasn’t ready to be adopted. (Ed was very, very old, and very low energy) she was quiet for a moment and asked if I wanted to adopt him. I did! I couldn’t see him leave my house. He was way too sweet and just the kind of guy we were missing. All the times he passed out in the flower pots so he wouldn’t have to get back up, or how he just didn’t get how a bed was for his body not just his face. All the laughs and late night cuddles. We only had a few months with Ed before his health started to deteriorate. It broke my heart the day I made the appointment to help him across the bridge.

I’m sure the last few nights I let him cuddle in bed with me he knew I was struggling with my decision. The night before his appointment he laid his head in my lap and I begged him to get better. I looked at him asked him to get some sleep. He looked at me and closed his eyes and took his last breath. I swear he was protecting me from the guilt of having his appointment. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. I’m forever grateful for TABR for what they did for him and for Fat Leo as well. Thank you for blessing my life with his.