Erica came in to rescue 12/2/2013. She was a stray from the OKC shelter.

She was a little thing and her hind legs did not work well, most likely from being in a crate most her life. She was so sweet and her tongue hung out the side. She loved everyone and most dogs, and even though she couldn’t walk very good she managed to get around. On one occasion her foster mom couldn’t find her and she started looking for her up and down the street. She came back and found her up in a chair. Still don’t know how she got up in that chair.

When she came in she had a large tumor on her back, and the rescue had it removed. Her foster skin sister’s softball team came to stay the weekend and even though she had just had surgery, she had to go from bed to bed sleeping with all the girls. She loved people.

One night her breathing became labored and her foster took her to the vet, she had also had more cysts pop up so Dr. Joel keep her overnight. He was afraid she was getting pneumonia so he did a x-ray and found a tumor on her heart pressing on her trachea causing her breathing issues. We did the only thing we could and helped her cross the bridge on 3/26/14. Her foster mom and foster grandma were with her and she seemed at peace.