Big Momma came into rescue April 21, 2013 she was a stray out the OKC shelter. She was found dumped in a field in Northwest Oklahoma City. Upon intake Dr. Joel thought she was anywhere from 8 to 10 years old. She was still intact and needed entropion surgery.

She went to her fosters house, and the minute she walked in her foster mom knew she wouldn’t ever leave. She fit right in to her new family, and she was adopted and officially had her new home.

She was a feisty thing and always let you know when she thought it was time for dinner. She loved roaming in the flower beds and sleeping on her bed.  She loved having whip cream on her breakfast and yogurt on her dinner. She liked to spend her days chewing on a bone or sleeping. She loved everyone and took care of new fosters coming in.

The older she got her arthritis got worse and she was barely able to get around, and her vision was very limited but it didn’t matter to her momma. She filled her house with rugs so she was able to get around. She even had a stroller so she could still go for walks. In time that didn’t even help and she didn’t make it outside very often.

She left for the bridge on May 17, 2016. She had not been feeling good that day, and she wouldn’t even eat the cheeseburger her momma got her. She laid down in one of her favorite spots and took her last breathe. She had a smile on her face and was at peace. She gave her family 3 great years. She left a huge hole in her momma’s heart, she was one of a kind.

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