Status: Available Soon
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Reason given up for adoption: Breeder Surrender
Temperament: Great
Health Condition: Great
Placement Limitations: None
Special Needs: Eye drop medication will be needed


When I came to TABR I was just about to give up. I had heart worms (despite their name they do the opposite of love you), bad eyes, and itchies all over my body. The kind you can’t get no matter how hard you try! I had a long ride to a place called Oklahoma and had no idea what else could possibly go wrong for me, but I liked that ‘home’ was in the name. Good thing I’m a positive gal because I was right! The first thing my foster family did was give me a s’paw day! From the looks of every room in their house, they seemed to be a big fan of bulldogs, and seeing that I happen to be a bulldog I wanted to make sure I showed them the very best bully they’ve ever seen! I’m told bulldogs are snuggly, playful, and energetic so that’s what I am! My job at my house is to be the toy exterminator because it seems like they always want me to help them rip them apart. Now that s’paw days are a part of our routine, I make sure to get glamour shots after my makeovers. They keep calling me a ham even though I’m almost positive they know I’m a dog, but I just go with it. They could call me a duck for all I care as long as they keep spoiling me! Since everyone has been so nice to me, I make sure to do my business outside only and to mind my manners when I’m in my room when the hoomans leave. Get this! They just told me after I’m all better, I get my very own family where I can stay forever! Can’t get much better than this!