Status: Hospice
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Reason given up for adoption: Owner Surrender
Temperament: Good
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: No young children
Special Needs: No


To me, age is just a number! I may not be as spry as I was when I was younger, but I still love to play with my toys and chase a ball. Then I will cuddle up with my people, and give them a kiss if they’ll let me. After I came to TABR they discovered I have seizures, so now I’m on special meds and considered a “hospice foster” – I’m not sure what that is but I sure do love all this attention I’m getting! If you’d like to contribute to my end-of-life care, please donate via Paypal by using the link on the donate page or sending directly to