Status: Available Soon
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Reason given up for adoption: Owner Surrender
Temperament: Great
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: None
Special Needs: No


So I may be 6 years old but my foster mom does not believe it – I am always on the GO! I was rescued from a breeder several months ago. As those that have gotten breeder surrender pups know, we can be a lot of work getting acclimated into a new home. I needed work on my potty training. And I also had an old injury earlier in life that left me with only one eye. The family that rescued me just felt that I was a bit much for them so they wanted me to have a great life. I’ve actually made a lot of progress with my potty training. I’ve been fine while out and about in the house, I just sometimes still have accidents over night. But I’m getting there! I love kiddos and other dogs. To be safe, since I have vision issues, TABR would like to make sure any kiddos in my home are over 10 years old. I would love a doggie playmate! I think they are so much fun! I definitely need some work on my leash training because I enjoy going EVERYWHERE, and not in a straight line! I’m looking for that great forever family that can look past my silly looking face and give me lots of love and attention!